After thoroughly studying the behaviour of people whom i call ‘lucky’ for quite some time, i came up with a new definition of  luck that is luck aint no hard-to-get-thing, it’s just another achievement of human brain. Just a mindset, and nothing else. But what makes it stand out is the way it can effect our performance.

Many times you give up on a thing telling yourself: i just cant do it ,i know i cant. 

But hey, look carefully. Its the perception of the thing and not the thing itself that is important. Think of a task as an easy one then you’ll surely succeed,  not because of your Luck but solely because of ‘your thought’ ‘your belief’. No Luck here only a ‘thought’. It is a proven fact that human beings just dont bother using their brain to its fullest, they dont explore the hidden corners of their imagination, they dont dream, they chain up their skills, only because they ‘thought’ that its not needed.We unintentionally or perhaps intentionally set limits to ourselves, and then say:we just weren’t lucky at it. 

The thinking continues and when the thought becomes really powerfull, it turns into belief.

I draw because i believe i am good at it.

I started a blog because i thought i can write well.

Silly it is that in a world where we face millions of obstacles whenever we embark on a journey, the greatest obstacle comes from within us,  ‘our thoughts’ ‘our beliefs’. We spend hours and hours planning how to stand firm against the hinderance this world offers, but forget to plan how to deal with the hinderance our own thoughts cause.